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Many severely hearing impaired or deaf people are potential candidates for a cochlear implant (CI), a device that can assume the functions of certain damaged parts of the inner ear. For CI-implanted individuals, it is important that the device settings are adjusted in such a way that sounds are presented at a comfortable, yet clearly perceivable level and the best possible speech perception is achieved. To achieve this, two aspects are important: The fitting of the CI settings and testing hearing and speech perception.

The Hearing Minds project aims to find better and faster ways to fit CIs, and new means to assess hearing and speech perception in populations that are difficult to test, such as young children or older adults. To achieve these goals, a partnership was formed between two universities and a company: the VU University Amsterdam (VU) in the Netherlands, the Universidad Nacional de EducaciĆ³n a Distancia (UNED) in Spain and Otoconsult in Belgium. The current project, headed by prof. M. Coene, allows for a transfer of knowledge between the Department of Language and Communication of the Faculty of Humanities at the VU, the Research Centre on Intelligent Decision-Support Systems of the UNED, and Otoconsult, that develops software for the audiological professional practice. This international and interdisciplinary partnership thus aims to find solutions by using and combining of the knowledge and skills from the professional and academic world, including disciplines such as linguistics, biomedical physics, mathematics and audiology.